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Nora Knows

Nora Knows

Protected: Another “I’m sorry for not updating my blog” Post

Written By: Nora - Feb• 26•13

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Hello again, to another “It’s been a LONG TIME post”!

Written By: Nora - Jan• 24•13

When I had started this blog, it was for the sole purpose of supplementing my Youtube channel. However in my case, things rarely work out as planned. I am a major procrastinator and get side tracked easily. 2012, was a rough year, I feel as if I wasted time or let it slip through my fingers. Sadly, in 2012, not only did I not update my blog or follow through with my youtube channel, I also failed to hop back on to an exercise and diet regime. When I went in for a Doctor’s appointment about two and a half weeks ago, I was shocked when I was weighed in. 165 lbs., yes from 137 lbs. (my weight in my first month of marriage) to 165 lbs! How did I get here? Why did I let things slip? What will I weigh tomorrow, if I continue to eat the way I am now? Sadly it all comes down to one thing: self esteem. As I piled on the pounds, with bouts of anxiety and depression, I gave up. My life is a made for T.V. movie just waiting to happen. I have a good life, don’t get me wrong for I live very comfortably and I am surrounded by the love and support of my husband and family. But there have been some major hurdles, which have a high emotional toll. I will not go into detail, for that is not the purpose of this blog. I will simply state that some things can be buried, but they can not be forgotten or destroyed.

Regardless of the pain of past transgressions or the anxiety of tomorrow, the one thing that I had never allowed myself to do, is give up. I am ashamed to admit that I broke this cardinal rule of mine. I gave up on myself and in some ways, on certain aspects of my relationship with my husband, family and friends. I gave up on my goals and dreams. When you give up, you can’t sink any lower than that, you lose hope and you live day to day not really giving a damn. This all sounds rather depressing, I’m sorry for the that (I also got a little side tracked, see what I mean? I just noticed that my wedding band is missing a diamond. Aghh!). Now for some news that is a little more shall we say, inspiring? I have lost 5 lbs, which may not sound like much, but I have been on a 1200 calorie diet for 11 days now and I managed to lose 5 lbs. It’s been a while since I have felt that little well of hope, which at least makes me smile and gives me a reason to like something about myself for a change. Yes, it’s been a while, indeed. For me, this is a small victory and I wish that I could savor it, for I want to remember this very moment, when I face those hurdles again. Oooh another thing that I have learned: never give anyone the power or influence over how you perceive yourself or how much you love yourself. Interaction with our loved ones and working towards that interaction should be to “supplement” our esteem. Some times it helps to keep us in check, when we cross that line or succumb to a bout of narcissism, and other times it comes in handy when you need to pick yourself up from the floor. NEVER, I repeat, never allow someone to have total control or influence over how you view yourself. Yes, on rare occasions, constructive criticism can be a reality check or a wake up call. There will be a time in your life when you’re having one too many pity parties (ehem, look in the mirror) and you need that someone to give you a swift kick in the behind. However, always keep in mind that only YOU can control the way you see yourself and only YOU have the power to make changes or accept and adapt to your flaws. It isn’t always simplistic or easy to do, but a recent incident reminded me that I need to stand up for myself, even if I need to stand up against my often self depreciating and critical, wayward self.

So with all that being said, I absolutely REFUSE to let another year go by with the “I’m a Loser” tag (well not unless it’s a “I’m a 50 lbs. less Loser” tag). I refuse to turn 30 in October with a feeling of not having achieved anything and dreaded anxiety over a doomed future (so dramatic, hahaha). Of course i need to be realistic, so I will start small like I am doing now. Changes to my diet, Exercise, Get my school stuff back on track, Blog on a regular basis and most important of all; NOT give in to the constant self doubt, panic and mind numbing insecurity. I deserve to be happy and be the best that i can be and do all that i CAN do. We all deserve happiness and should strive to do and be what we can. Dream, it’s good to dream, but make sure you wake up after 8 hours. Reality needs to kick in at some point, or dreams are just that, dreams :) .  Now that I have explained my laziness and gone off on several tangents. I will hopefully post a review tomorrow, something that you all might actually be interested in. I know that we are well passed the new year, but I wish you all a prosperous, successful and happy 2013! I hope that we all move forward, on to better and bigger things or for some, I hope you also take the time to sit back and enjoy and appreciate your loved ones and also the things that you have been blessed with. Good luck and, well seeing as how it is 1:36 am, Good night.

If only!



I’m Back!

Written By: Nora - Sep• 01•11

Hiya :) . Hope you are all doing well and enjoy the last few weeks of the summer. It really flew by, i feel as if we just had winter, not that complaining..I’ll take winter over summer any day. What’s your favorite season? Do let me know by replying in the comments section or shout box.

I am SO, so so very sorry. I know that i have been procrastinating with both my blog and youtube channel. No, i promise i have not given up or grown bored. Life has been a little hectic with school and some major commitments. I had recorded and re-recorded a couple of videos, but i am not happy with them, aghhh i think i ought to just leave em as they are and let you all decide. My schedule for the next two weeks is a little nuts, so i will start filming after. In the mean while i thought i might as well make do with posting on here. Let’s get right to it ;) .

Ooo thought I would throw in a picture of our cat, his name is Gambit, but we call him “baby”. The name is very fitting, he’s as active and as naughty as a toddler.

our cat

Welcome to my crazy blog!

Written By: Nora - Jul• 24•11

Hello Everyone :) .

After a lot of procrastination and excuses, i finally decided to start up my own blog in conjunction with my up and coming youtube channel. I will be working on the channel this week and plan to have some videos up by the second week of August. So….what am i all about?? What do i have to offer that’s different from the hundreds of beauty and wellness blogs on the internet? Who am i? Well, I’ll get right to it.

My name is Nora, I am a twenty seven year old, full time student, majoring in psychology. I got married to the love of my life in September of last year, therefore I am still relatively new to the rigors, responsibilities and joys of marriage. I was never a major make up junkie until about a year or so ago when i began to pile on the extra pounds. My self – esteem took a dive and drove me to look for other ways in which i could feel better about myself. Make up turned out to be one of those things :) . I am not an expert in make up application or products, neither am i a wellness or life coach. I am your average, every day woman, exploring theories and learning techniques that could help me improve upon myself or enhance what i have to begin with. There are many people on the internet who invite readers or viewers into their world and share their journey of knowledge and experience. My goal is to do the same and learn from you all.

“NoraKnows” is the name of my channel on I hope that it will be a platform upon which i can do make up reviews, informative reviews based on my own experiences and other people’s experiences, discuss or debate current issues and help people who have general queries on their love life, family and friend related problems. Hmmm now why would you want to do that? I am just a stranger on youtube talking your ears off…Well i would like for people to get to know me first through my beauty related videos and then slowly venture on to an “Ask Nora” platform. This is not a unique concept by any means, but i think my awkward quirkiness and dry sense of humor are the things that might set me apart from everyone else. At least i hope it will, you can be the judge ;) .

Now it is very important that i make the following disclaimer: I am  NOT a licensed Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Therapist. Yes i am venturing into this field, but i am still a student in training. If you are suicidal or have a problem that needs to be addressed by a professional, i will definitely steer you in the right direction. I cannot give you professional advice, it would be highly irresponsible for me to do so. This disclaimer will also be posted along with every video.

Disclaimer # 2: All the products that i review here on my blog or have been purchased with my own money. I am not sponsored by any company. (In extreme cases of doubt, i am willing to provide proof of purchase, hope that won’t be necessary) I want my reviews to be as objective as possible.

Disclaimer # 3: My informative videos will be based upon my experiences or the experiences of people i know or have come across. If my information is obtained via a website, research paper or any other second party, i will try my best to give credit where it is due. If i cannot answer your questions, i will definitely let you know and do my best to find an alternative source. I will not make up things simply to provide you with an answer.

Ok….glad we got that out of the way. I have a number of reviews coming up, so please do come back and check in. Reviews to look forward to are products from: (Pictures of swatches and a summary of my review will be posted on here, you can watch my in – depth reviews on my channel)

The Mac Semi Precious Collection

Laura Geller Kits

Urban Decay



Physicians Formula

Studio Gear…

and so on and so forth.

I will definitely post up a link at which you can subscribe to my channel soon (once i have a few videos posted).

I really do hope that this is something you might all be interested in! Suggestions, Criticism and Ideas are most welcome.

Oooooh before i forget: I would like to thank my hubby for taking the time to create my blog. You’re the best hubby / support system a woman could ask for. I really appreciate all the time you put into it. Thanks Babe!

A thank you also goes to you the reader; for taking the time to read my lengthy introduction post, i hope i did not ramble too much. As you get to know me you will see that i have a tendency to do that and other clumsy things ;) .

Take care of yourselves :) .